Osteopathy & other services – Fees

Initial Consultation – From S$160 (to find out more about what to expect in your first session click on the link: https://www.theosteo.com.sg/info
Subsequent Consultations – From S$140

Deep Tissue Sports Therapy - S$120 (60mins)
Deep Tissue Sports Therapy - S$75 (30mins) 

Home visits are available upon request. Please call us for more information on Tel: 6446 7236 or 6221 4064

Corporate rates are available, please contact us for further information on            Tel: 6446 7236 or 6221 4064 

Insurance Form – Completion of form – Free

Letters – If you require a letter for insurance or other purposes – From S$140

Medical Report – For insurer or other parties – From S$250