Dr Paul Bell

Dr. Paul Bell (D.Health)

Founder & Clinical Director, BSc Hon Osteopathy

Dr. Paul Bell is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Osteopathic Centre, Singapore. He is a UK registered osteopath with over 20 years of clinical experience. He completed a Professional Doctorate in Health at the University of Bath (UK) with a specific focus on exploring the role that movement analysis and adaptation may have on injury and rehabilitative interventions. As part of the doctorate, Dr. Bell set up the first clinic-based 3D Markerless movement analysis suite in Singapore, with the aim of combining research level motion analysis with injury management and rehabilitation. He has lectured on a number of health related subjects in the UK, Spain, UAE, Indonesia, Singapore, and Korea.

Dr. Bell has extensive experience in a number of areas related to musculoskeletal-skeletal health. This includes the field of sports injuries and he has previously worked as part of the medical team in professional football in the UK. He has a special interest in the treatment of pre/postnatal mums and their newborns and works very closely with paediatricians, midwives, women's health physio's, doulas, and lactation consultants to support both mother and baby. Dr. Bell also specialises in issues related to the jaw, such as grinding, clenching, headaches and migraines. He has been working closely with specialist dentists for over twelve years to aid in the management of these conditions, this has led to a particular interest in treating feeding/latching issues in newborns.

Prior to becoming an Osteopath, Dr. Bell was a Royal Marine Commando, one of the elite Armed Forces in the UK. He is also a qualified personal trainer, telemark ski instructor, skydiving instructor, and keen ultra-marathon runner. In his spare time, you may see him kayaking just off Singapore or walking his dog.


*Disclaimer: Dr. Paul Bell is not a medical doctor; he is an osteopath who holds a professional doctorate in health.


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