About Us

We have been helping patients improve their overall health for more than ten years. We aim to find the root of the problem to help the individual improve their quality of life and their sense of wellbeing.

It is important to recognise that pain and injury may have many causes and that lifestyle and emotional factors can play an important role in your ability to manage and improve your symptoms. At The Osteopathic Centre our aim is not only to address biomechanical, postural and musculo-skeletal issues but also to help you identify other factors that can be addressed to reduce pain and increase function. We believe everyone has a right to the best possible health care.

We care for your loved ones. Specific treatment plans cater for all ages and are directed at restoring optimum function and wellbeing. Our aim is to help keep them healthy and happy.

Work stress and strain can make life more challenging. Osteopathic treatment combined with good advice and small lifestyle changes may help make a difference. Don't suffer unnecessarily, make the choice to live a more healthy pain free lifestyle.

Get fit for life. Exercising provides a number of health benefits including helping to manage stress but injury is often a risk factor. Expert sport injury and rehabilitation treatment and advice can help reduce the risk of injury and re-injury and speed recovery.


We Specialise In

Our aim is to look after your long term “total wellbeing”. Because of the nature of osteopathic treatment, we have been able to help people of all ages, from young children through to the elderly and office workers through to elite athletes.

Our team hold a diverse range of skills and extensive experience in musculo-skeletal care. This has enabled us to help our patients reduce painful symptoms and increase the quality of daily life. In addition, to addressing painful symptoms we also strive to provide advice and prescription exercise to reduce the risk of re-injury and support healthy function so that our patients have coping strategies to help deal with the effects that physical and psychological stress has on the body


Our Hours

Mondays - Friday (Central, CBD, East Coast)
8.30am - 1pm
2pm - 5.30pm

8.30am - 1pm

Sunday & Public Holidays



Initial Consultation and treatment from S$160
Osteopathic Treatment Follow-up - S$140
Deep Tissue Sports Therapy - S$120 (60mins)
Deep Tissue Sports Therapy - S$75 (30mins)

Home visits are available upon request. Please call our main line for more information on Tel: 6446 7236

***Corporate rates can be negotiated, please contact us for further information***