Marina Smith

M.Ost Masters in Osteopathy

Marina is an experienced Osteopath with an 11-year career in Switzerland, England, and Singapore. She began her journey at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London, earning a Master's Degree in Osteopathy and a diploma in Naturopathy.

Born into a family of healthcare professionals, Marina's passion for Osteopathy is deeply rooted. She specialises in alleviating chronic headaches, jaw-related (TMJ) disorders, spinal and peripheral joint dysfunctions, managing metabolic challenges, optimising child development conditions and pregnancy-related issues. Marina's understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and human physiology allows her to effectively address complex cases. She uses spinal and extremity adjustments, visceral Osteopathy, and dry needling to restore her patients' balance and long-term well-being.Marina is known for her individualised approach to healthcare. She combines evidence-based diagnostics with a keen understanding of her patients' unique needs. Marina identifies triggers in their physiology, physical environment, and nutrition, and empowers her patients to take an active role in their health.

Fluent in both English and German, Marina's multicultural experience enhances her ability to connect with diverse patients. Her commitment to professional growth is evident in her regular attendance at events like the annual International Osteopathic Congress in Berlin, where she gains insights into the latest advancements in Osteopathy.

When Marina isn't working or reading for her doctorate, she loves to spend time in nature and with family. This dedication to work-life balance mirrors her belief in holistic well-being, and she endeavours to guide her patients towards a path of lasting health and vitality.


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