Stress in Teenagers

Understanding cause of Teenage Stress

Teenagers face stress - just as adults do.

We often see teenagers and children with ‘tension’ type problems across their shoulder girdle, upper back, and necks at especially during exam times. Some of our patients will come in with headaches and migraines, which have often been exacerbated by studying for long periods of time at a computer, or worse, slumped on their beds with a laptop on their knees.

Carrying school bags of heavy books can result in low back and shoulder problems, and added to the levels of general anxiety, patients often find themselves distressed and uncomfortable at the very time they need to be functioning well. All this, in conjunction with growth spurts and hormones. It’s a lot for any young person to have to deal with!

What can you do to help?

How can we help?

Gentle osteopathic treatment can often help to relieve some of the mechanical stresses and strains associated with long hours of study, and we are also able to offer advice about the best ways to position computers and laptops to reduce postural strain.

Call us for an appointment today - and help your teen cope with their exam stress in a different way.




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