How Osteopathy can help runners.


How Osteopathy can help runners?

Qualified Osteopaths have specialist knowledge of anatomy including the bones, tissues, joints, and muscles.

They take a holistic (or whole body) approach to how the structures and regions of the bodywork together to help you exercise at optimum functionality and achieve your running and rehabilitation goals.

If you are a runner often plagued by recurring injuries, or even just niggly little pains, this may be due to dysfunction in the muscles and joints of the back, hips, knees, and ankles. If these regions are not functioning together at their best, the repetitive forces placed upon them while running and the body’s compensation for any imbalance can lead to pain and injury.

Every runner knows how frustrating it can be to have to take a time-out from training due to injury and pain. An Osteopath will help take a look at the bigger picture, seeking the real cause of the injury rather than just treating the symptoms.

The therapeutic techniques used by your Osteopath will not only be focused on the specific area causing you pain, but also on other related regions of your body. The techniques and treatment applied will vary from patient to patient.

You can ask for a short, over the phone consultation with one of our qualified Osteopaths before making an appointment - this will help ensure that we can help you with your condition.

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