Osteopathy for Babies


Did you know that we treat babies too?

Paediatric Osteopathy is a safe, gentle, and non-invasive form of treatment for babies and children. Babies and young children respond to treatment quickly and often require minimal intervention. Osteopaths use gentle techniques to encourage the body’s self correcting mechanisms to address the trauma that may have occurred during birth by working on the structure of the body and looking at how bones, muscles, and connective tissues work together.
It is ideal to bring the baby in for a general check-up as close to birth as possible but issues can be addressed at any age.


Common worries

- Unsettled restless babies
- Head shape abnormalities
- Colic or Excessive Crying
- Constipation
- Reflux and digestive issues
- Sinus problems and ear infections
- Sleep disturbances
- Suckling/Feeding difficulties
- Tight necks and jaw restrictions

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