Noisy Knees

Should you be worried about noisy knees? Creaking? Crunching? Popping!

Did you know the most common noise experienced in the knee joint actually has a name? It is called “crepitus”.

Crepitus is the rough, grinding that can be felt and heard in the knee. Often detected by placing the palm over the kneecap and bending the knee back and forth, crepitus sounds and feels like sandpaper grinding in the knee joint. Crepitus can be the result of rough cartilage surfaces grinding over each other.

Other sounds include popping and snapping, which are typically much more audible than crepitus, can be normal noises that occur when tendons suddenly snap over the bone surrounding the joint, or they may be a sign of cartilage damage inside the joint.

If you are worried about your pops or creaks - or if they are accompanied by pain or swelling come and see us so we can assess and identify the cause and then provide the necessary treatment and rehabilitation, or advise you to have a further medical examination such as an X-ray or MRI before further treatment is provided.

Feel free to speak to us to learn how we can help. 




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