Dealing with Shin Splints Injury


What is Shin Splints?

Shin splints are an injury that occurs from overuse in running or fast walking.


The pain is caused by inflammation of the connective tissue attaching to the shin bones.
An examination of the lower shin bone and checking of the feet, hip and knee will help to diagnose this problem.
The pain from shin splints is very characteristic: it will be located on the inside edge of the middle region of the lower half of the leg next to the shin bone (tibia). It can be so painful and uncomfortable that it causes the person to stop running. Although most typically seen in runners and long-distance walkers, it is also a common condition suffered by anyone serving in the military or police due to marching and wearing hard-soled shoes. However, it can affect commuters who are walking quickly to work or the train station each day.

Here in Singapore, we also see this in chronic barefoot walking (especially when at home for long periods of time) which can lower your foot arches and stretch out the tibialis anterior muscle - an effect that is closely associated with shin splints.
In endurance or long distance runners, especially marathon and ultra-marathon runners, shin splints can progress to a stress fracture of the tibia.


Osteopathy may help by:

· Analysing and addressing problems associated with over-pronation or over-supination of your feet
· Increase flexibility at your ankle joint
· Addressing and strengthening poor hip-knee-leg muscle control, poor glute control and core stability
· Soft tissue release of tight calf, hamstrings, tibialis anterior musculature
· Identify and help strengthen weak quadriceps and foot arch muscles


We recommend @rehabmypatient’s videos for some gentle exercises:
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2: How to stretch your tibialis anterior 2
3: Spikey ball tibialis anterior massage floor

If you think you are suffering from shin splints - or any other issue - speak to us to find out more!



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