Breastfeeding: Lower risk of Breast Cancer

Did you know that breastfeeding also can lower your breast cancer risk?

You probably know that breastfeeding can give your baby a healthy start. But that’s not the only health benefit. Did you know that it also can lower your breast cancer risk?

Research shows breastfeeding mothers lower their risk of pre-and post-menopausal breast cancer. And breastfeeding longer than the recommended six months can provide additional protection
Most women who breastfeed experience hormonal changes during lactation that delay their menstrual periods. This reduces a woman’s lifetime exposure to hormones like oestrogen, which can promote breast cancer cell growth. This is also true during pregnancy due to a nine month gap in menstruation.

In addition, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you shed breast tissue. This shedding can help remove cells with potential DNA damage, thus helping to reduce your chances of developing breast cancer.
Breastfeeding can also help lower your ovarian cancer risk by preventing ovulation. And the less you ovulate, the less exposure to oestrogen and abnormal cells that could become cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the perfect time to “Feel for Lumps and Save your Bumps” Check your breasts regularly and consult your GP if you notice any changes!

Here in Singapore, the age-based recommendations for mammograms are as follows:
--> 40-49 years old: yearly mammograms.
--> 50+ years old: once every 2 years.


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