Benefits Of Osteopathy During Pregnancy

Expecting a baby? Why should you see an Osteopath?

1. Changes to your body deserve attention.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many physiological and developmental changes to accommodate a growing baby and prepare the body for birth. These changes can disrupt the body’s structure and ability to function and may include weight gain, postural changes, fluid retention and ligament laxity due to the position of the growing baby. These natural changes can put extra pressure on the joints and muscles of the spine and pelvis.

2. It is safe for you and your baby

Osteopathy is a gentle, drug-free, and safe treatment for both mother and baby. Every pregnancy experience is unique, so our team of experienced osteopaths develops bespoke treatment plans for each mum-to-be. Our job as osteopathic practitioners is to help reduce pain and improve postural alignment to assist the natural process of pregnancy and birth.

3. Osteopathy help with pregnancy pain and related conditions.

We see a variety of pregnancy-related conditions in the clinic including:

❗Lower back pain
❗Pelvic pain (Sacroiliac joint and/or pubic symphysis)
❗Groin pain
❗Hip pain
❗Maintenance of postural balance
❗Sciatic pain
❗Middle, upper back, and neck pain
❗Rib cage pain
❗Headache and/or face pain
❗Carpal tunnel: tingling in the hands

If you are suffering from any of these or would like to find out how we can help you naturally prepare your body for the birthing of your child, call us and book an appointment or to find out more.



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